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Wallace Hind

The Old Vicarage, 1 Main Road, Dustin

NN5 6JB Northamptonshire

United Kingdom

01604 758857

Wallace Hind

  • Active since 1992
  • 21 - 50 employees

We have a team of experienced talent identification and research consultants who leave no stone unturned and have the capability to find anyone anywhere. We leverage our industry knowledge and identify the competitor companies where prospective talent may be found. 

Having highlighted a list of potential prospects, we endeavour to speak to all of them, not just enough to find a shortlist, all of them. This provides our client with the very best talent and provides detailed market knowledge whether it be how our clients are perceived in the market? Whether their remuneration packages are in line with market conditions and competitors? Future talent acquisition opportunities? 

When we have covered every avenue possible we provide the candidate with a detail addendum and company brief highlighting the challenges and expectations. We meet an extended list of candidates who meet parameters of the brief so that we are ensuring we haven't missed any talent.

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